What You Didn’t Know About Oversized AC Units

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Every homeowner knows that there are many types of air conditioners available for you to put in your home. The AC comes in different capacities. Which basically means that not all ACs will work for all kinds of homes. There is a misconception that the bigger AC, the more cooling it would do regardless of the size of the house. But having a big unit may be harmful to you and your family. 

Here is everything you need to know about oversized air conditioners.

Reason Why Oversized Units Are Popular

A lot of people prefer these big units because they seem to think that the big size would give them better cooling. Even if you don’t think this way, you may hear about it from inexperienced contractors that have to install a unit in your home. Contractors would pick out an oversized unit for your house because they aren’t experienced enough to make an accurate assessment of size. Secondly, a lot of unreliable contractors try to sell the biggest size of the unit of AC because they want to earn a profit. 

Hence, it is crucial you pick the right contractor to choose the perfect unit for you. Make sure it is installed correctly as well. Otherwise, you would have to pay a huge cost in Air Conditioning Repair Services in Miami FL. 

Why Oversized AC Units Are Problematic 

 Despite the popularity of these units, they are very problematic. They can cause a lot of inconvenience in your home. Here are all of the reasons why they are not worth the investment. 

Uncomfortable Temperature Changes in the Home

An oversized AC has a problem of giving too much cooling in one time.  That leads to certain areas of the house being really cold. As you move between different rooms, you will bear a lot of extreme temperature changes. The cooling cycles don’t last long either so some areas of the home would not be cool at all. This is going to be highly uncomfortable for everyone in the home. Moreover, it can even cause a lot of people to get sick. 

Won’t Dehumidify Properly 

 An AC unit performs two functions. One is to cool your home. The second one is the dehumidify your house. That means they essentially function to get rid of the moisture that is in the indoor air of the house. To properly reduce the humidity levels in the rooms, the AC has to operate for a long time. An oversized unit has short cooling periods so it is not always operating. Thus, it fails to dehumidify the air. 

Suffer Through Wear and Tear Faster

Since this particular AC unit undergoes several cooling cycles, it is switching on and off much more than other units. Constantly switching on and off causes a lot of stress for the unit which leads to it breaking down at a much faster rate. Hence, this unit does not last very long. Even the Best AC Repair in Miami FL would not do much to save it. You would have to buy a totally new one.

Give You A High Cost

The worst thing about the oversized unit is that they are quite expensive. But that is not the only cost you have to bear. Due to their short cooling cycles, the unit is switched on and then off multiple times. This constant switching on and off uses up a lot of electrical energy. Eventually, this leads to a much higher utility bill! 

Whenever you are thinking of buying a new air conditioner unit, do not go for the biggest size. Pick a size that is perfectly suitable for your home and its size. Consult an experienced professional that you can rely on for this purpose.


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