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Saudi Arabia travel and tourism industry has emerged as one of the fastest-growing economic sectors. Among the GCC countries, Saudi Arabia is the leading country in terms of a number of outbound tourists. According to a survey, the number of departures from Saudi Arabia was merely 2 million in 2006, which has increased considerably over the time and has reached nearly 21 million in the year 2015. The primary reason for this significant growth can be attributed to the softening of the visa policies and its extensions by several countries across the world to attract Saudi citizens. Besides, the changing behavior of Saudi travelers also accountable for driving Saudi Arabia Outbound Tourism market during the forecast period. Saudi Arabia Outbound Tourism Market expected to cross USD 43 Billion by the end of the year 2025.


Over the years, the number of outbound travelers from Saudi Arabia keeps on increasing, as the Saudi citizens thriving to explore the world. The prime reason Saudi citizens visiting other countries include holiday, business, sightseeing, shopping, relaxing is among the others. The increasing nature of experiencing different cultures and traditions of other countries by Saudi travelers is also expected to drive the Saudi Arabia outbound Tourism market. On a note, other than the neighboring countries, Saudi outbound tourists generally like to visit the United States, European countries, Malaysia, India, Australia, and South Africa to know the traditions and historical heritage sites of these countries. The growth of the Saudi Arabia Outbound Tourism market is mainly driven by a combination of rising disposable income levels and changing lifestyles of people, the development of diverse tourism offerings and policy and regulatory support by the government authorities.

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Further, the better flight connectivity from Saudi Arabia to different countries also contributes to the growth of the Saudi Arabia Outbound Tourism market. The national carrier – Saudi Arabian Airlines leads the airline’s carrier category in the country, as it offers both charter and scheduled flights to different parts of the world. Additionally, Saudi Arabian Airlines also expanded its business portfolio to low-cost carriers witnessing the significant surge in demand for economy and low-cost travel in the recent past. On the other hand, growing penetration of internet, the rapid evolution of smartphones and the increasing social media activities among Saudi people further helps the growth of Saudi Arabia Outbound market as people get influenced by the social media tourism promotional contents and further book their travel itinerary accordingly with the convenience of using online booking platforms.

As the Saudi outbound tourism market dynamics changes due to consumer behavior and development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure, it has transformed the online booking of travel itinerary. Witnessing the market potential and growth, Saudi Arabia Outbound Tourism Market offers a huge business opportunity for the interested investors from across the globe and within the country to invest in the ever-evolving Saudi Arabia travel and tourism industry.

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