Looking for a patio contractor? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Are you looking for the Best Patio Screening Company Fort Lauderdale FL but don’t know which one to enlist? Well, below are some questions which will help you decide which patio contractor you want to hire.

  1. How many patios do you build per year?

To find a company that genuinely knows what it’s doing, you need to find one that has built a lot of patios. Meaning you do not want to enlist a patio company that only builds a couple of patios a year. They simply can’t be specialists in hardscaping if they aren’t doing it regularly.

  1. Are you certified to construct patios?

Additional (and optional) certifications exist to help guide people toward specialists and it’s no different when it comes to patio builders. There are certifications out there that would confirm whether a yard company is a true master of the trade—or not.

  1. How is this patio going to affect our current drainage? 

Throw this question at a patio company you’re considering and they’ll know that you know your stuff. It’ll moreover show you whether they know theirs. Your patio ought to improve drainage, not make an existing issue worse (or even make an issue that wasn’t there in the first place). Be that as it may, we’ve seen many patios built that made a drainage issue because it was never discussed. You want to be sure that the patio company you decide to hire knows drainage and has a plan to deal with it.

  1. How do you perform base prep?

Here’s another subject that rarely comes up in patio conversations—but is crucial to the success (or failure) of your patio. Base prep is all the steps that are taken before your patio is laid. It incorporates excavation and making the foundation for your patio, and it’s unimaginably important. Ultimately, your patio is only as strong as its foundation.

You don’t have to totally understand the base prep process to inquire a patio company about it. In case they know their stuff, they’ll have answers for you and be able to clarify their replies. Inquire them how they plan to excavate and how deep. Inquire them what substance the base will be made from. This will provide you a good sense of whether they are specialists in patio construction.

  1. What sort of impact do you expect this patio build to have on the yard?

We want to be totally honest with you about the fact that building a patio is going to probably tear up at least part of your yard. You’re talking about lugging huge materials back and forth over your lawn with gear that’s going to make an impact.

Most companies will never bring this up with you. They may even cause harm and then expect you to come up with a solution after the fact. It’s an uncomfortable subject that a lot of patio companies would rather just avoid.

  1. What other ideas might I have missed?

A patio company that has built thousands of patios is likely going to have ideas you will not have thought of and there’s nothing wrong with turning to them for some expertise.

Some of our clients make online idea boards and share them with us. The best proficient will not reject your thoughts for their own but will instead take your ideas and suggest ways to improve upon a few of them or just give you suggestions you might not have thought of. In the end, your ideas and their expertise will mesh to help you make the porch of your dreams.you should hire patio screening company. 

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