People All Over The World Are Messing With Their Jelly Bottles. Here Is Why And How.

The internet is never lack of weird things. When I see how people are doing weird shit with their Jelly bottles, I just don’t know how to feel.

It is a hot rend to make Jellos in the shape of beverage bottles, and then slowly slice them up. Maybe it is a fun experience or just something to show off in front of your party guests. Would you try?

Jelly Bottle 1

Jelly Bottle 2

Is it horrifying or oddly satisfying?
Jelly Bottle 3
 What about slice this gallon of milk?
Jelly Bottle 4
Watch how

These jiggly jelly bottles are usually made by mixing gelatin, water, and food coloring, then pouring the mixture into a bottle and freezing it until it solidifies. Jelly Bottle 5

Here is a tutorial

It is edible, if you dare.
Jelly Bottle 6
You can cut the bottle carefully.
Or you can pre-cut the bottle and cover the cut with tape so the bottle can be peeled away easily later.
The most important part is to save the label and cap so that you can put them back on at the end.
Jelly Bottle 7 Jelly Bottle 8
Here is how
 And all these “hard” works are for cutting… all kinds of
Jelly Bottle 9
 Jelly Bottle 10
Jelly Bottle 12
Jelly Bottle 13
 Cheers, if you are not squirming yet!
Jelly Bottle 14

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