How To Make Crepe Paper Flowers

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Crepe paper flowers are unique and appealing to people because they hold the intrinsic smooth texture and quality of real flowers. There are many different crepe paper flowers that you could make. You can adorn your crepe paper flowers in your home or gift them to your loved ones on special occasions. These pretty crepe paper flowers are not only fantastic, but also more durable than fresh flowers. Crepe paper flowers are fun to make. They can be entertaining projects for craft lovers of all ages. Now, let’s look at how to make crepe paper flowers.

In this crepe paper flowers DIY tutorial, I will show you how to make a very simple, yet gorgeous crepe paper flowers. This crepe paper flower project makes use of minimal materials and is suitable project for advanced crafters as well as beginners..

To make these crepe paper flowers, you will need:


Let’s look at how to make crepe paper flowers

1. First, let us get the pieces ready! For the petals and stamen, cut the white crepe paper into 4 pieces of rectangles, approximately measuring 1.5 x 4 inches each. You will use 3 for the petals and 1 piece for the stamen.

2. For the leaves, cut a long strip of green crepe paper measuring approximately 2 inches in width. Fold the strip as shown in the picture; cut it in a shape of half leaf; and unfold it and you will create a strip of leaves.image07

3. To make the petals, twist the White rectangle in the middle and gently fold it in half. Place your thumb as shown in the picture and twist the end. As a result, you get a cup-shaped petal.image01

4. Make three of these petals for a flower. To make the mid part of the flower, you need to fringe one side of the rectangle half way- do not exceed more than half the width as it may tear off.

5. Let’s begin coloring! With the color highlighters of your choice, very gently apply color to the inside of all the three petals and the stamen. Please be careful during this step as the crepe paper is delicate and might break off easily if you press on hard or apply color over and over again.image09

6. Now, let’s arrange our pieces- Gently but firmly hold and arrange three petals around the stamen and bind them together using a floral wire.

7. For the leaves, wrap the strip of green crepe paper leaves that we made in the beginning around the flower and bind it too. Cover the floral wire with a green floral tape and there you have a simple crepe paper flower done!image05

Continue To Make A Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet

8. Make a bunch of these crepe paper flowers and use different color shades for the petals. Put them together to form a bouquet. Your beautiful crepe paper flowers are done. I am sure you will love what you just made!!

Now that I have shown you how to make crepe paper flowers? It is your turn to let me know how you like this DIY tutorial.

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