How To Make Bookmarks from Wasted Polaroid Films

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Having a Polaroid Camera is fun and chic. Creating a perfect shot from this limited camera is tricky. I bet you wasted a lot of films already. Too bad the Polaroid films are costly. But maybe you don’t have to throw those blurry shots or those Topsy-turvy images. Why not make cool retro bookmarks from wasted Polaroid films?

Sound hip right?

Here’s what you need for your Polaroid film bookmarks:

  • Wasted Polaroid films of blurry photos
  • Sharpies
  • Glue
  • Colored Paper
  • Puncher
  • Yarns or Ribbons
  • cute ornaments


Here’s How To Make Bookmarks from Wasted Polaroid Films:

1. Gather all your wasted films.

2. Using a a sharpie write down you favorite Quote on the film.

3. Punch a hole on top of the film for the yarns.

4. Use the colored paper to draw some additional decorations for your Bookmarks.

5. Stick the cut-outs on your Polaroid film bookmarks.


6. tie the ribbon or yard inside the hole on the top of the bookmark.

7. Add the ornaments to the end of the ribbon or yarn.


8. Make more and use one Polaroid Bookmark on each book that you are reading!


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