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Fabric printing is fun and easy to show off your creativity. Although nowadays you can find any kind of fabric you want in stores. There are numerous designs out there with gorgeous patterns in wonderful colors. You can probably find almost anything you’d ever want. But even so, sometimes, you want the project you’re making to be even more personal. There’s no easier way to achieve that goal than to create a fabric printing with a truly unique pattern.

Fabric printing is so much easier than one might think – you only need normal fabric paint and stamps. If you’re really adventurous, you can even make your own stamps, by carving them out of lino blocks or carving rubber (the later being much easier to work with, but also a bit more expensive). The best part about this fabric printing project is – it’s actually a lot cheaper then buying really fancy fabric in stores and all the stamping might remind you of fond childhood memories.

Fabric Printing Supplies:


– stamps (again, you can buy the rubber ones used for paper or make your own)

regular fabric paint – I suggest a set of 6 primary colors that you can later mix to get the colors you want

fabric (at first is best to try a light colored fabric without any pattern on it, but you can get great results by printing on already patterned fabric as well)

– small paint roller (just a regular spongy one)

– brown paper or newspaper to protect the area you’re working on

– an old plate (or some other flat object) to apply the paint on the roller

Fabric Printing Instructions

  1. If you’re carving the stamps, now is the time to do it.

  1. Prepare the fabric you’re going to print on. If you’re using it to make clothing, pre-wash it, dry it and iron it so there’s absolutely no creases in it. If you already know what you want to make out of the fabric printing, cut the pattern out – that way you’ll save time and money by not printing on all the fabric you’re going to cut away. Prepare your working area- lay down some newspaper, and have all of the tools ready.
  2. Put a bit of the fabric paint on the plate and mix it with a bit of water (around 3-1 ratio in favor of the paint). Roll the roller in the paint so it absorbs the paint. Now roll it gently over the stamp to cover all of it and just stamp the design on the fabric.

  1. If you’re working with more than one colors, I suggest you start with the darkest, then fill in the rest of the design with lighter colors.

  1. Let the paint dry overnight, then set it. It’s best if you read the instructions on the fabric paint, but that usually involves ironing your fabric printing with a very hot iron (test the iron on a small piece of remnant fabric first, so that you don’t ruin all of your hard work by burning the fabric)

That’s it. Isn’t it simple?

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