DIY Jewelry – Paper Quilled Leafy Earrings Tutorial!

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It is fun and satisfactory to make DIY jewelry with paper quilling. Paper quilling, or Filigree, is an art of rolling, shaping and adhering together colorful paper strips to create many pretty and attractive artifacts like paper ornaments/jewelry, greeting card embellishments and many more. It has won the hearts of many and is trending to be a very popular hobby among art and craft lovers. Today, I am going to use these paper quilled leafy earrings as an example to show you how to make DIY jewelry with paper quilling.

Paper quilled earrings are popular and you could create many different and elegant looking and colorful earrings customized to your outfit. The DIY jewelry could also be wonderful as a handmade gift to your loved ones.

This tutorial will show you how to make your own DIY jewelry, a pair of funky earrings. At a beginner’s level it is important to know the basic shapes and tools required to make any quilled artifact. However this tutorial can be followed at a beginner’s level as there are minimum tools and shapes used.

DIY Jewelry: Paper quilled leafy earrings supplies

For this particular DIY jewelry project, I have made use of Watermelon color from Quilled Creations. You could use any color depending on your choice. 

What you need for this project are

Note: In this DIY jewelry project, I have shown you how to make one earring with 10 pieces of 6mm quilling strips. Please repeat the process to make it a pair.

So, let’s begin!

DIY Jewelry: Paper quilled leafy earrings instructions

Step 1: Start by rolling each strip of paper using the slotted tool to a tight roll and holding the roll gently but firm (twirled papers have a tendency to slip off your hand so be careful on that one!) image01

Step 2: Once you finish rolling till the end, place the circle into a Circle Sizer and release the roll carefully to expand itself to the size desired. This will ensure that you get the perfect size for all the 20 rolls that u are going to create.

Here, I have the paper roll sized to Circle number 6 on the sizer, which is approximately the diameter of 0.7 cm.image07

Step 3: Now, gently and carefully remove the roll and then apply a very small amount of glue at the end of the rolled tip (Do not apply too much glue as it will be messy and sticky all over). Hold it for about 5 seconds until it is secured in its place.


Step 4: Once you finish creating 20 little circular rolls, it is time to shape them and adhere them together to the desired pattern. Each roll now has to be pinched on both sides to form an eye-like shape. This is called as the “Marquise” shape in quilling terms.


Step 5: Using a cork board and a few pins arrange the shapes as shown in the picture below and glue them together one by one. Once you glue all the pieces, allow it to dry for a while and then gently remove the pins.

Step 6: Now, it is time to decide if you really want to make your piece of jewelry waterproof/environment friendly or just add some sealant to add a glaze to your DIY jewelry. I personally am not very concerned on making my earrings waterproof but a glossy finish would give it an added finished look. It is completely at your discretion to skip using sealant. I make use of my favorite PPA (Paper Perfect Adhesive) easily available online or in any local craft store- as it works both as a glue and sealant adding a finished touch to my quilled DIY jewelry. Refer to the end of this tutorial to learn how to apply a sealant to your finished piece. Skip step number 7 if you do not wish to coat your DIY jewelry with sealant.

Step 7: To apply sealant use any paint brush, and apply a layer of PPA on one side of the quilled earring and let it dry completely. Do not worry if it looks milky or white all over, as it dries the white liquid gets transparent. Once dried, repeat the same process to another side of the jewelry. You could also work it the other way. First attach the ear wires and then apply glue on both sides of the quilled DIY jewelry piece- and hang them on their hooks to dry.


Step 8: Adorn your DIY jewelry by adding a few Rhinestones or stickles of the same color or contrasting color on to it.

Step 9: You can now go ahead and attached the jumpers and ear wires using a pair of small pliers or tweezers- first open the jumper ring, insert the ear wire to it and then insert it through the top of your quilled piece of jewelry. Close the ring.


Step 10: Make another earring and Voila! There you have your first piece of DIY jewelry. It is time to put on your handmade quilled leafy earrings and flaunt them to the world! Make these earrings in varying size of quilling strips and diameters, also you could try making them in different colors to suit your outfit. Combine two or more contrasting colors to make your DIY jewelry more colorful!

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