DIY iPhone Case Tutorial

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Smart phones are a necessity nowadays. iPhone is no doubt the most popular mobile phone that we have now. We use it not only for communication, but also for games and leisure.

Aside from carrying a mobile phone, we also need to bring our credit cards and some cash whenever we go out. So in order to organize everything, and bring these three important things, why not make a multipurpose DIY iPhone case? It will lessen the hassle to bringing a big bulky bag with you.  Sounds fun right?

Today we will be making an on-the-go, multipurpose DIY iPhone case that will cater to your everyday needs.  Let’s start crafting this DIY iPhone case! This tutorial works for other smart phones too.

Gather all the materials needed for this DIY iPhone case:

  • 3 pcs. craft paper
  • crochet thread
  • big sewing needle
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • medium sewing invisible button
  • hot glue
  • iPhone (for measurement)

Here’s the proper steps in making your own multipurpose DIY iPhone case:

STEP 1:  Measure the dimensions of the smart phone.

phone case photo 2

STEP 2:  Cut the front face of the iPhone case based on the phone’s measurements.

phone case photo 3

STEP 3:  Cut the back face of the case, but this time, leave an excess strip in the middle right of it.  This will serve as the locking flap of the case.  This should be 4 centimeters long and 2 centimeters in width.

STEP 4:  The front (left) and the back (right) face should look like this.

phone case photo 5

STEP 5:  Measure the paper money/note for the money pocket of the case.

STEP 6:  Cut the money pocket based on the dimensions gathered.

phone case photo 7

STEP 7:  Measure the credit card.

STEP 8:  Cut the yellow craft felt based on the dimensions of the credit card.  This will be the credit card’s pocket.

phone case photo 9

STEP 9:  Thread the needle.  Single thread will be used all throughout the process.

STEP 10:  Sew the upper part of the card pocket using a blanket stitch.  You can add another layer of the same color for this card pocket if you feel that you need a thicker pocket, though this is optional only.

STEP 11:  Place the card pocket in the middle body of the money pocket and sew them together on the right or the opening side of the money pocket.  This will make the pockets sturdier, since we are securing the openings with a blanket stitch.

STEP 12:  Sew the bottom part of the card pocket using blanket stitch, as well.

STEP 13:  Curve all sides of the front and back face of the case body.

STEP 14:  Sew the opening side of the main body, which is the left side, where you will find the locking flap.  Do this for both front and back face.  Use blanket stitch for this.

STEP 15:   Align the back face to the front face and the money face from bottom to top.  Sew them all together using a blanket stitch.  This should be done from the top, the side to bottom.

STEP 16:  Try to place a paper note on the money pocket and make some necessary adjustments possible.

STEP 17:  Fit the smart phone and make some necessary adjustments, if needed.

STEP 18:  Place the credit card/s, as well.

STEP 19:  Hot glue the invisible button once you are finished with the finalization.

STEP 20:  Done!  You can now use your multipurpose DIY iPhone case anywhere you go!

phone case photo 21

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