DIY Desk Organizer From Up-cycled Embroidered Cans

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Embroidery is fun. I have shown you how to make embroidered lace necklaces. Today I am going to show you how to make a DIY desk organizer from up-cycled embroidered cans.

Up-cycling is the best kind of creative work I like. You get to feel good about yourself for reusing things that would otherwise in some way pollute the environment and you also get to make new fun things without costing a lot of money. It’s basically a win-win solution.

This DIY desk organizer projects is relatively quick and easy to make. You can use your DIY desk organizer as a cute organizing solution, or you can even use it as an interesting gift box.

DIY Desk Organizer Supplies:

  • cleaned empty tin cans
  • fabric scraps (but slightly bigger)
  • matching embroidery thread
  • embroidery designs
  • strong glue
  • embroidery machine (or you could embroider by hand if you are experienced)
  • sewing accessories like scissors, pins, measuring tape…

DIY Desk Organizer Step By Step Tutorial

  1. Measure the circumference and height of the can. Add about an inch and half to each measurement (for sewing allowances).

  1. Cut out a rectangle of fabric with the height and length measurements from the previous step.
  2. Embroider the design at the center of the fabric piece. You can skip this step if your fabric is already with patterns that you like.

  1. Hem 3 sides of the fabric piece – both long ones and one short one. Be careful not to hem too much or too little fabric. Pin the fabric and try wrapping it around the can before you start sewing. 

  1. Apply the glue evenly around the can. Glue the fabric piece carefully around it, so that the hemmed short site overlaps over the non hemmed one.

  1. Wait a few hours for the glue to dry. Your gorgeous DIY desk organizer is ready. You can fill it up with whatever you want.

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