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When you own a car, there are certain situations you should brace yourself to face such as breaking down in the middle of nowhere, locking yourself out of the car, pouring in the wrong type of fuel, etc. if you understand the importance of locking your car, you may as well know that keys can be a bit of trouble. The reason behind is simple and factual such as losing the keys and unable to find them anywhere in the common problem. The keys we use in the current era have evolved remarkably from very simple technology to an outstanding smart one.  To get the best pick in keys you need to consult the best and affordable car key service Macon GA. Here are some types of keys you might want to know about:

Car Key having mechanical Cut

The oldest form of car keys that were or are being used is the mechanically manufactured keys. This key is like our regular lock keys made with ridges on one side and a specific cut on the other edge. Every key has some unique cuts that make it safe and useful for only the one lock it can match and open.

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Laser Cutting for keys

Another evolved form of keys is the better and secure laser cut design which have a different style of cuts also known as sidewinders. The cuts made by laser technology on the key shank are sleek and minute that cannot be copied easily. This quality makes the keys better, more safe and expensive because a specific type of device is used to custom the keys.


Transponder/Microchip Key System

The microchip incorporated in a key handgrip may have some extra expenses but is quite effective for dealing with scams. Every chip is one of a kind and no one can make a duplicate until having access to its mechanisms. You can assume that the system is unable to breach until the owner lets an expert and Cheap car locksmith in Macon GA to make a copy for their convenience.

Popular Smart keys

The highly advanced keys allow the car owner to control the locks to form a certain distance. In this new approach, the need to put a key in the hole is eliminated by the technology. Even in some cases, the driver can ignite the engine using that remote control system. You cannot avoid the locksmith car key replacement cost Macon GA for this type of locks.

Specific Key for Valet purposes

This a distinct key which is designed and cut just for the need in a situation where we have to hand over keys to a valet. Would you want to risk giving up your smart key to the Valets? If no, then get yourself a spare key which can only be used for limited functions in your car lock.

Not one key is right or wrong for your car, although the technology has smartened up the car keys as well still, the old keys feel more solid and reliable. Identify the type of key you think will be suitable for the car and consult a key manufacturer as well. These trained technicians have the right notion about the selection of locking systems and keys.

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