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Digital signage is basically a sub-segment of electronic signage. It uses technologies such as LCD, LED, Projection and e-paper to display digital images, video and web pages. You might have noticed these things in public areas, transportation, stadiums etc. digital signage is basically used to target audiences and it works to great effect as well a survey in UK shows that 70% of adults see a digital video display, if you’re looking to buy digital signage displays in UK there are three important things that will help you with if you need cheap digital signage displays

  • It helps attract attention- these digital views help catch attention of the people passing by as a dynamic sign is more likely to be eye catching with a higher probability to attract customers attention and if you have their attention then you can also have the power to influence their decision as well especially in UK where it is regarded by the retailers as an opportunity to significantly increase your brand awareness.
  • Increases sales- as already said it attracts the customers’ attention and when you can successfully transform that attention into making them visit your shops it would mean an increase in sales. These digital signs can drive impulse buys and they also motivate the customers to action. All in all it helps significantly increase your sales meaning an increase in revenues as well.
  • Reduces cost- if you’re using digital advertising it would drastically reduce your cost as digital advertising costs 80% less then television advertising or newspaper advertisements, this is so because every time when you advertise in newspaper you have the cost of printing on you as well plus the distribution of these advertisements which is also another factor added to these costs and don’t forget the processing time that it takes as well, all of these factors add to the costly advertising which is not an issue if you are using digital advertising.


If you’re looking to buy digital signage displays in UK then you should in order to maximize its usage should know it’s some of the most common applications as well;


  • public information
  • internal information
  • product information
  • information to enhance the customer service experience
  • advertising & promotion
  • brand building


These are some of the main applications that you can apply using the digital signage. The digital signage market is consistently growing the reason for the rise is the growing demand due to many factors. Outdoor digital signage usage has especially seen a rise as more and more companies try to attract customer’s attention. Outdoor digital signage are all-weather durable by design which means it won’t get rusty or stop working because of the external weather conditions that easily and also they are simple, smart and customizable as well. There are mainly two types of digital signage displays one is called stand-alone outdoor while the other is window facing which showcase’s your message in indoor environments with high ambient light, such as window displays.

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