6 Variants in Laminated floors that not many know about

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If you want to have a floor resembling some natural element but the actual material is quite expensive or not feasible for your place, then the various designs and styles of laminated floors can fulfill your dreams to some extent. In the beginning, it was just wood but after many advancements, we can now find the look-alike of every popular flooring material such as stone, marble, wood and ceramic tiles. They are durable and easy to clean that is why people now prefer this flooring to have an inspiring look for the house. The votes for laminate wood flooring are still very high and people like the feel too much.

Here are some amazing kinds of laminate flooring available in the market:


1.    Using Adhesives Laminate Flooring

In this type of flooring, we have to use glue so that the floors can be installed on the place happily. High-quality strong adhesives are used so that the floor planks remain sturdy and durable for a longer time as compared to the other flooring materials.

2.    The flooring material revolution

In this new style of the revolution, there are some joints which we know can be placed without any glue and with the help of a few nuts and screws. No glue installation seems easy but it is actually more difficult to keep the pieces in place so that people can enjoy these new floors safely.

3.    Resembles wood

If you are apprehensive about the solid wood flooring because of decaying issues, then this laminate floor is the best choice for you. When the people go through some moisture problems and the wooden floor could not compete with the problems, the laminate flooring remains steady and unaffected by the water leakage. A thin layer of wood on the outside gives us the real natural woody feel and aesthetics. The rest of the material is synthetic and will not decompose easily if moisture attacks.

4.    The beauty of the malleable looking surface

The fiber-like material that is also called plastic flooring is not a new concept, however, a great amount of artwork and a variety of styles are added to the market. This is the most expensive but long lasting material choice that comes with both pros and cons.

5.    Just like a tile

There is nothing more graceful than a white laminate flooring that looks a lot like white ceramic tiles. Why go through the problem so tiles such as fading, cracking and unclean grout when you can enjoy the same charm with a laminate floor. You can even customize the designs according to the choice or use different colors to make interesting patterns. The material is much more reliable and long lasting than the actual tiles.

6.    Textured wooden floors

These strips are like a wooden floor which can be changed according to the needs and likes of a person. A huge variety of textures are available that make us feel like the real wood roughness. If the plank shaped tiles are arranged in a variety of patterns, the overall design of the floor can be mesmerizing.

These are the best and popular varieties of flooring material available in the market. All of these are great in quality and style. A number of gorgeous designs can be developed by the material that looks like some of the very expensive materials.

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