How To Make A Heart Shaped Suncatcher – Fun Activities For Kids

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Suncatcher, or others may call it as light catcher, is often hung at windows to catch sunlight or any light producing source.  These are often made up of reflective glasses and some are created with complex designs that are often expensive.  Some suncatchers are combined with wind chimes since they complement each other.  As fun activities for kids, we will be making an inexpensive, yet classy-looking heart suncatcher that will surely compliment the season.  Let us begin making this cute heart suncatcher now!

Supplies needed for making heart suncatcher:

  • 2 pcs. construction paper (pink and red)
  • 1 piece yellow cellophane
  • cardboards
  • cutter or X-Acto knife
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • barbecue stick
  • a glass of water
  • a piece of cotton
  • crochet thread or yarn
  • double-sided tape
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • pencil

heart suncatcher photo 1

Step by step instructions to make Heart Suncatcher:

STEP 1:  Insert the barbecue stick on each of the spaces in between the cardboard.  Make sure to be consistent with the spaces to ensure that one side of the cardboard will be removed.  Continue doing this until you achieve a corrugated board.

STEP 2:  Draw two medium hearts, of the same size, at the back of the corrugated board.

heart suncatcher photo 3


STEP 3:  Cut the hearts.

STEP 4:  Using a cutter or an X-Acto knife, cut a hole in the middle of the heart.  This should be a smaller heart.  Do the same to the other heart, as well.

heart suncatcher photo 5


STEP 5:  Paint the heart with pink acrylic paint, or mix red and white paint if you don’t have one.  Let it dry for an hour or two.

STEP 6:  Cover the back of the corrugated heart with double-sided tape.

heart suncatcher photo 7


STEP 7:  Lay the yellow cellophane flat on the table.  Stick the hearts on the cellophane.

STEP 8:  Cut the excess cellophane on the sides of the heart.

heart suncatcher photo 9

STEP 9:  Dip a piece of cotton on a glass of water.

STEP 10:  Wipe the cellophane of the hearts in the middle.  This will allow the cellophane to be stretched when dried.

heart suncatcher photo 11

STEP 11:  Let the cellophane dry for an hour or two.  Set aside.

STEP 12:  Cut random shapes from the pink and red construction paper.

heart suncatcher photo 13

STEP 13:  Stick double sided tapes on the random shapes.

heart suncatcher photo 14

STEP 14:  Stick the random shapes in the middle of the cellophane window of the heart.

heart suncatcher photo 15


STEP 15:  Cut several small strips of red construction paper.  This will be the tail of the heart suncatcher.

STEP 16:  Stick the tail of the suncatcher at the bottom of the heart.

STEP 17:  Loop one end of the crochet thread or yarn.  Measure the desired length of the thread and cut if afterwards.

heart suncatcher photo 18

STEP 18:  Loop the other end of the thread and hot glue the thread in the upper part of the heart on both sides.

STEP 19:  Align the front corrugated heart to the other heart board.  Stick the two hearts using hot glue.

STEP 20:  Done!  You now have a corrugated heart suncatcher!

STEP 21:  Hang your corrugated heart suncatcher near your window or in your porch, where sunlight is visible.

This project is one of perfect fun activities for kids to do together. It is also a perfect one for such events as Valentine’s Day. Hope you enjoy it!

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